We have made a list of the top 10 personal injury & car accident lawyers located in Los Angeles that offer free consultation and work on a contingency fee basis, which means that if your lawyer do not win you don’t have to pay. How can it get any better than that?

Even though personal injury lawyers are trained and can practice virtually any field of law, they generally only handle the following cases: car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, defective products, medical mistakes, and slip and fall accidents.

However most of the personal injury cases are related to car accidents.

Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents is the leading cause of death in the United States. Innocent lives were lost; families torn apart; and those who lived to tell their stories are often left with injuries that scar them for the rest of their lives. Some suffer from brain damage that they need caregivers to look after them. Others sustain spinal cord injuries and are confined in hospices. Their dreams were shattered through no fault of their own. If you’re one of the millions of Americans with harrowing tales of survival or you know someone whose life was destroyed due to the recklessness of a driver, you must, by all means, use your right to hold that driver accountable.


Why do I need a lawyer?

Let’s face it, when Insurance Companies say that they care for you, what they’re really trying to say is they care to maximize their profits. Sometimes insurance companies are screwing you out of a big settlement by giving you less than what you are entitled to. More often than not, victims don’t know the real value of their case.

No one has the time to delve into the nitty gritty of a premium especially when you’re wheelchair-bound or when you’re focusing on getting better. That’s why you need an attorney. You need a lawyer with good repute who will fight for you to ensure that you are getting what is due to you.


How much is my case worth?

It is quite difficult to know early on the value of a case. The plaintiff lawyer must take into consideration several factors such as: the character of the defendant, statements from witness accounts, the validity of the testimonies, the extent of physical injuries, proof of liability, and insurance limits.

Redress may include the following: compensation for lost wages; emotional disturbances and distress; lost meaning in life; and loss of skill as a result of mental and/or physical injuries. Many Lawyers have advocated for thousands of clients and have successfully negotiated legal claims amounting to over a billion dollars settlements and judgment trials.


What damages am I entitled to recover?

  • Your vehicle will undergo repairs or will be replaced for free
  • You will be provided with a rental car absolutely free
  • Your hospital bills including the fee due to the emergency response team will be covered at no cost to you
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your absence from work will be compensated


Valuable advice

  • We advice you to seek medical help immediately. There’s no telling the seriousness of your injuries. Ask help form your lawyer in seeking for the proper treatment facility or physician to look after you.
  • You must not accept any kind of offer from your insurance company. You must seek legal counsel regarding this matter.
  • Avoid giving statements to anyone unless you’ve talked to your lawyer. Your statement is evidence and it might be used against you.
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT. You must NOT SIGN anything without the knowledge of your lawyer. You might be trapped into signing a RELEASE which waives your right to collect damages and just compensation from your insurance company in the future. Or you might be talked into signing an AUTHORIZATION which gives them the right to snoop into your records, even confidential ones and has nothing to do with the actual case!
  • You have to make sure that you have a professional and experienced lawyer by your side to fight for your right. Avoid at all cost, engaging the services of Legal Clinics. They are unreliable and they defend just anyone.

West Coast Trial Lawyers

350 S Grand Ave

Ste 3325

Los Angeles, CA 90071


The West Coast Trial Lawyers provides legal representation for victims who sustained all types of personal injury cases, whether it’s a result from a minor vehicular accident or something as grave as wrongful death cases.

Neama Rahmani, President of the West Coast Trial Lawyers, has excellent and professional attached to her name. As a trial lawyer, he has represented multi-million companies such as Disney and the Marriott during his tenure at O’Melveny & Myers.

You can expect a smooth and hassle-free proceeding with the West Coast Trial Lawyers. That’s how dedicated they are. Their services are paid on a conditional fee basis. Their fee is only payable when you actually win! They do not charge at the beginning of the contract, which means no upfront cost. Your payment for them will be on a percentage basis depending on the rate that you agreed on.

The West Coast Trial Lawyers value your time. They don’t want to disrupt your busy daily schedule, hence, they have been very successful at resolving cases and reaching very reasonable settlements even before the trial. They believe in working together with their clients and they always exercise prudence in making decisions by making sure that you, their clients, is in the loop and gives their 100% go.

The West Coast Trial Lawyers have your interest foremost in their minds. They are accessible to meet with you and your family wherever is convenient for you.

El Dabe Law Firm

330 W 11th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015


The Law Offices of Edmond El Dabe has been involved in successfully reaching a myriad of settlements which their clients deserved. They’ve advocated for clients who suffered minor injuries to injuries sustained from vehicular accidents, even wrongful death.

They are located throughout Southern California that they can practically visit you wherever you are in the locality. They offer a very competent first consultation either by phone or in person. When seeking legal help for a claim, you don’t need to go to their physical office to work out the details of your case. Explore your legal options and determine the amount of compensation you will likely get.

There are no hidden fees and no initial costs. Payment is done only when you win the case.

You can reach the Law Offices of Edmond El Dabe anytime at the time of your convenience and present your issues and concerns regarding the legal claim that you’re planning to pursue.

Law Offices Of Brian Breiter

4929 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 410
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Awarded as one of the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers in 2014 and 2015, as well as making it to the Top Southern California Super Lawyers in 2013, Brian Breiter is a Civil Trial Lawyer with 21 years of experience as an advocate for the Plaintiff’s Personal Injury cases.

As a dedicated advocate, he has successfully reached over $30M in settlements for his clients. With a license to practice in California and Florida, he has a rooster of clients who depends on his expertise and experience as a lawyer to champion their causes.

His passion for the Law extends to the academic world. Formerly a professor at the University of Calgary School of Law, he is currently teaching “Improvisational Mediation” at the Pepperdine law School teaching.

His Law Practice caters to cases dealing with serious injuries, vehicular accidents, animal bites, minor injuries and wrongful deaths in his local area.

Movagar & Yamin

4929 Wilshire Blvd
7th Fl, Ste 702
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Hancock Park

Company Awards

  • “Rising Star” – Super Laywers Magazine
  • “Top Attorney” – Los Angeles Magazine
  • “Best Attorneys of America” – Rue Ratings
  • Awarded as Avvo’s “Client Choice”

Nick T. Movagar

Mr. Nick Movagar honed his skill from a well-established and superstar law firm in West Los Angeles. He represented multi-million companies such as the Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Inc. (“the leading global hospital company”), Apartment Investment and Management Company (“long recognized as an exemplary corporate citizen”), Anschutz Entertainment Group (owner of the Staples Center), and Union Carbide Corporation (“world’s largest producer of ethylene glycol, commonly used as antifreeze, and is a leading manufacturer of the world’s most widely used plastic, polyethylene”).

Steven S. Yamin

Mr. Yamin graduated Cum Laude with Order of the Coif Honors for his Juris Doctorate in Loyola Law School, Los Angeles in 2004. He served as an extern to the Honorable Terry J. Hatter, Jr. of the United States District Court, Central District of California. He also served his externship at the Disability Rights Legal Center, a non-profit organization fighting for the civil rights of people with disabilities through literacy, lawsuit, and championing for their causes.

i Accident Lawyer
633 W Fifth St
Ste 2818
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Robert Koenig has been an Accident Lawyer for over two decades. During his law practice, he has settled claims for personal injury and motor vehicular accidents well over $120M.

Their personal injury attorneys and accident lawyers offer free consultations with unrestricted period. They are more than willing to meet with you wherever most is convenient for you: whether in your office, your home, in your hospital room if you’re still confined, virtually or on the phone or as a walk-in client in our office.

  • i Accident Lawyer does not collect payment from you until you win your claim.
  • They have a 95% settlement success rate – considered as the highest rate.
  • They personally handle your case. You can be assured of that!
  • Corey Higgins personally answers all your calls.


Yagoubzadeh Law Firm LLP

10866 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 660
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone number (310) 400-5915

The Yagoubzadeh Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases. They handle all types of accident such as motor vehicular accident and other injuries sustained as a result of this accident.

They have satellite offices spread over Southern California – Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Kern County.

  • Your attorney is available 24/7.
  • Attorney fee is incumbent upon your winning the case.
  • Lawyers from this law firm have won an aggregate of over $20M in settlements for their clients.
  • They provide the logistics for anything related to your medical needs so you won’t have to miss your doctor’s appointments.
  • You don’t need to hassle yourself with visiting their physical office. They will go to where you are to discuss your case.

Law Office of Brian J Shin
3130 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 408
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Koreatown, Wilshire Center

Phone number (213) 634-3400

No more second-guessing what your lawyer fees would like. The Law Office of Brian J. Shin doesn’t bill you hourly. They offer a flat rate for the entire duration of your legal proceedings.

Risk-free consultation with no upfront fees. You pay them only when you win the case.

Mr. Shin is a degree holder in BA in Political Science and Economics from the University of California Los Angeles. He studied and earned his law degree at the UNLV, Boyd School of Law.

Oakwood Legal Group
8383 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste 702
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Beverly Hills

Phone number (310) 205-2525

The Oakwood Legal Group main office is based in Beverly Hills, they handle cases of clients from Los Angeles, Riveside, San Bernardino, Orange County, San Diego, and the Bay Area. They have the best legal counsel to represent you; lawyers who are trained in prestigious schools including Harvard Law School.

  • Trained in Harvard Law School
  • Multi-awarded Personal Injury Law Firm
  • Available 24/7 to listen and advice you on your case
  • No upfront fees
  • They go wherever is convenient for you
  • They handle vehicular accident cases
  • You pay the legal fees only when you win the case

Law Offices of Mark Murad
121 W Lexington Dr
Ste 810
Glendale, CA 91203

Phone number (818) 480-5788

At the Law Offices of Mark Murad, you can benefit from a free consultation as they make initial assessments to your case and your needs. They don’t want to disrupt your work schedule so they will meet with you after work and during weekends at the time of your convenience. Their offices are located in Glendale, Pasadena and Riverside.

As the founding member of the law firm, Mark Murad personally handles your case.He is a member of the Pasadena and Glendale Chamber of Commerce and Pasadena and Glendale Bar Association.